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Opportunity Resistance Suffrage Women

Women on the war path against demon rum.

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Women across Virginia participated in meetings of the Women’s Christian Temperance League, or WCTU, in the years before women had the right to vote.  These meetings were among the few places women could exercise leadership and figure out the best strategies to influence those who had the right to vote when they did not, their sons and husbands.

Confronting the damage done to society by “demon rum” was one of their strongest causes and no place had more of a problem with alcohol than Mineral City in Louisa County. The rowdiness of the miners was a persistent concern to the residents of Mineral. After several shootings occurred, the women of the town demanded change and joined organizations, such as the Anti-Saloon League and WCTU, to end the sale of liquor in their town. Their efforts were successful. Soon an Episcopal Church was built on the site just north of town where six taverns once stood. Explore more…

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