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We Are Changemakers

AE Curator Jan 17
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A close relative, someone from your community or even you could be a Changemaker. These are heroes, trailblazers and out-of-the-box thinkers who have helped drive the evolution of America over the last 400 years.

Virginia is home to many Changemakers. While many of them are featured in history books, movies and the news, there are many untold Changemakers whose experiences have yet to be surfaced. These stories matter and the 2019 Commemoration aims to use American Evolution Stories to showcase the diverse backgrounds, perspectives and contributions that compose our collective history.

Today’s Virginia and America would not be possible without the contributions of Patricia Bradby, a young minority woman entrepreneur who credits her success to “standing on the shoulders of giants.”

Or Tim Giles, whose son details his passion to create art that reflects the African American experience as seen through his eyes.

And K. Riley, an emerging leader influenced by her mother’s example who discovered a passion for political engagement.

These are just a few stories of the impact of Changemakers that have been shared with us. Share yours today.

Suggested prompts

What makes someone a Changemaker?

Who is a Changemaker–well-known or unknown–who has had the greatest impact on you and why?

How have you or someone you know addressed, improved or solved issues within your community?

How can we elevate the contributions of more diverse Changemakers?

What challenges have you or someone you know faced when seeking to invoke change in the community? What advice would you give to those seeking to do so?

Helpful Tips

Video/Audio story

Use your smartphone to film or record a 2-3 minute video or audio recording answering one of the prompts listed above. Think of your story — outline the key points on paper, and rehearse telling it a couple of times before recording. While filming, make sure you have good lighting and hold the phone about one foot away so your head and shoulders fill the frame.

Text story

Take 30-60 minutes to draft a 200-500 word text story answering one of the prompts listed above. Your story should take a narrative approach detailing your experiences and the emotions you felt along the way.


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