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The Power of Ancestry Seeking and Sharing

AE Curator Oct 17
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There are few better ways to bridge the gaps between our past, present and each other than exchanging stories about our ancestors. Discovering more about those who paved the way for us also reveals a deeper understanding of our own personal stories. Fittingly, ancestry has emerged as a common theme among many of the early submissions to American Evolution Stories. Together, these stories help us all gain a better understanding of who we are individually and as a community. To help with your exploration and discovery, we’ve organized a list of some of our favorite ancestry-themed stories.

I Am My Ancestors’ Wildest Dream – Thankful for the sacrifices of her ancestors, an independent, multiracial woman embraces the successes and opportunities of her young life.

My Grandmother’s Safe – A young man discovers a life-changing piece of history that will forever impact his feelings about family.

Back to My Roots  – An Italian-American travels to Italy to retrace her ancestors’ footsteps and learn more about the sacrifices they made for their descendants.

Finding my Family at Chippokes Creek, Virginia After enjoying Chippokes Creek with his family, a man discovers he’s a descendant of two historical figures.

Coming to America – While reflecting on the circumstances that forced her mother to leave Romania, a second generation American shares her thankfulness for freedom and democracy.

It’s good to finally be home A former military brat from North Carolina continues the tradition of sharing Virginia’s rich history with her two children.

A Family Mystery in the History of Us While researching the origins of his family history in Virginia and North Carolina, a man comes to terms with his ancestors’ slave-owning past.

The Hero of Fayetteville – One man shares a story about his ancestor’s heroics and his deep roots in Virginia.

Strong Blend – The daughter of an Armenian mother and Virginian father believes the beauty of diversity is found in discovering common ground.

Coming Full Circle – Inspired by his education and family history, a young African-American man makes it his mission to learn about his lineage and share Virginia’s legacy with a new generation.

Discovering and sharing the stories behind your ancestors’ triumphs, struggles and even transgressions is a meaningful and enlightening experience that we all should consider undertaking. The goal of this community is to collect and preserve stories like those above and foster connections and conversations among our citizens, so that we can all have a better understanding of our collective history. Make sure your ancestors’ stories are added to the Virginia to America narrative by sharing your story today.


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