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The Cedar Creek Junior Ranger Experience

chodges16 Mar 07
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History and nature go hand in hand when you walk the Cedar Creek Battlefield and Belle Grove Plantation. Much of the battlefield is not accessible to the public, but the park offers ranger-led and self-guided driving tours of the battlefield via public roads. Located in Middletown, Virginia, which is 15 minutes outside of Winchester. Both the battlefield, and the plantation are places with historical reenactments, events, and modern-day activities for people of all ages. The most popular program at the park is the Junior Ranger program that is available for any kid who is up to the challenge.

Promoted by our National Park System, the program is a great way to get kids and parents interested and involved in the national parks around the United States. The Junior Ranger program is designed for children ages 5-13. These children can earn a Junior Ranger badge and certificate by completing activities contained within the Junior Ranger booklet located at Cedar Creek Campground.

There are sixteen activities that take young visitors through exhibits and self-guided walks and tours throughout the park. Once kids complete the appropriate activities for their age group, rangers and park volunteers will issue their badge and certificate. Come by to get your Junior Ranger badge today! With interpretive signs to guide your way, the trail explore the battles that were fought on the bare fields that one looks out at here in the Shenandoah Valley.

Editor’s note: Looking for a fun activity to educate your children about history and nature? Plan a trip to Shenandoah National Park today.



  1. AE Curator March 20, 2019

    Thank you for sharing your story! The Junior Ranger program seems like an awesome opportunity for the youth to learn about history and exploration.


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