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Tattoo Talks with Sgt. Miriam Guilfoyle Triscritti

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Listen to Sergeant Miriam Guilfoyle Triscritti as she talks about her time in the Marines and what this year’s Virginia International Tattoo theme means to her!

For sheer spectacle, patriotism, pride and inspiration, there’s no show like the Virginia International Tattoo! Soaring music, massed bagpipes, dance, drummers and drill teams—more than 1,000 performers from 8 countries, April 25-28 at Norfolk’s Scope Arena.

Learn more about the Virginia International Tattoo at www.vatattoo.org.

Editor’s note: Want to join the 2019 Commemoration in honoring our armed forces? Mark your calendar for the Fanfare to the Military & Democracy.


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  1. AE Curator May 7, 2019

    Thank you for sharing your story! We applaud you for defying the status quo and joining the Marine Corps. Much like your sister-in-law, we’re sure you’ve inspired several women and men to serve.


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