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Reflections on a Wonderful Weekend in Cape Charles

ojones1960 Nov 16
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Cape Charles, a beautiful, quaint fishing community tucked away in the Eastern Shore, is a must see. During my first ever visit to Cape Charles during an unguided walking tour with friends, one of the first things we came across was the unique “LOVE” sign, that truly reflects Cape Charles’ history and community by incorporating materials that represent what Cape Charles is all about. The “L” is made of glass and seashells to represent the bayside community. The “O” is a tractor tire to represent agriculture. The “V” is made of kayaks to represent outdoor activities and the “E” is made of crab pots to represent aquaculture.

The essence of life on the Eastern Shore

Journeying through downtown and the waterfront, I learned more about life by the shore. In the late 1880s, Cape Charles largely consisted of farmlands and wetlands. However, once the Bay Coast Railroad was constructed, the area evolved from a small agricultural community to a bustling railroad town.

Among the notable waterfront attractions is the Cape Charles Museum, which features exhibits detailing the history and development of the town and the surrounding region. It’s worth a visit.

Nearby the waterfront is the Cape Charles Museum and Welcome Center (red brick building to the left).

That evening, we took in a picturesque view of the sunset.

The next day, I came across the Gull Hummock Market. A hummock is a little island that appears during low tide marshes. They are widely used by shorebirds, terns and gulls for perching. The market was named after one of these islands — for people to stop by and “perch”.

The last landmark I visited was the historic Palace Theatre, which currently functions as a performing arts venue. I captured a gentleman doing roof repairs in preparation for Joe Coccaro’s (a local author) upcoming book signing for Woo Woo: A Cape Charles Novel. The novel captures the spirit of Cape Charles and even inspired Cape Charles Distillery to create a signature vodka after the book’s namesake.

On the final morning, I woke up early to take in a foggy Cape Charles before we returned home. I hope it’s not the last time I see this view.

Editor’s note: Planning a visit to Cape Charles? Make sure to stop by the Cape Charles Museum & Welcome Center.


Born in Weems, Va (Lancaster County in 1960.


  1. AE Curator December 3, 2018

    Thank you so much for sharing your story! We are glad you enjoyed your experience at one of Virginia’s hidden gems.


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