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Protecting History and Culture with Technology

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Hello, my name is Greg Werkheiser. I have always found heritage preservation to be a critically important field as it is the story of mankind across time and place. Our mistakes and successes from the past serve as the coordinates we need to chart our future; in order to progress, we must look back. Unfortunately, historical sites, these portals to the past, are under constant threat and therefore need constant protection; I felt that I could best contribute to the cause of preservation by focusing on the laws we could implement to protect historical sites.

No one else was focusing on this so I co-founded Cultural Heritage Partners, the world’s only law firm exclusively focused on serving the cultural sector, with my wife Marion to fill what we viewed as a critical services gap. We have provided consultation on legal policy, political advocacy, and business strategy to governments, cultural institutions, and companies around the world for almost a decade.

As the firm flourished, we knew it was the right time to seek out another tool for our cultural mission: technology.  We looked at satellite archaeology, artificial intelligence, and virtual reality but none of these were the right fit. We finally came across augmented reality presented on smartglasses and so our next company, ARtGlass, was born. We love augmented reality because we believe in the importance of place. By augmenting directly onto historic landscapes and objects, we encourage people to come to these places in person and hopefully become allies in their continued preservation.

Editor’s note: Want to see the next generation of innovators in action? Check out our recap video of this year’s Innovators Cup at Tom Tom Festival.



  1. AE Curator June 25, 2019

    Thank you for sharing your story! We’re inspired by your mission to protect our historical sites and your use of technology to make history and culture more engaging.


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