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Native American Village, the Trigg Site in Radford, VA

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Historians know that Native Americans regularly passed through the Radford area for centuries, traveling the Great Warrior Path that ran from New York to Tennessee. But until 1971, historians had no idea that Native Americans had actually lived here.

That is when the City of Radford began to convert cornfields – acquired from the Trigg Family – to a new riverfront city park. After the work started, artifacts were found and officials soon realized they had a major discovery – the site had once been a Native American village.

Archaeologists excavated the Trigg Site during the mid-1970s, discovering housing and burial grounds dating to the early part of the 17th century. The dig produced more than 15 tons of artifacts, some of which are now housed at the Virginia Historical Society in Richmond. Many of the dig’s highlights, however, are on display at Glencoe Museum, just a few hundred yards from Bisset Park where they were first discovered.

Visit Glencoe Museum to explore our captivating collection of Native American tools, jewelry and ceramics – and step back in to the Native American history of the New River Valley.

Each year, Radford hosts the Native American Heritage Festival on the second weekend in April to honor the heritage of the area.  The 2019 weekend of events will include a flute workshop, the inter tribal Pow Wow and a concert with world-renowned flutist, Kevin Locke and will take place from April 12-14, 2019.  See VisitRadford.com for details.

Editor’s note: Are you interested in learning more about the Native Americans that lived in Radford more than 400 years ago? Visit the Glencoe Museum today.



  1. AE Curator March 27, 2019

    Thank you for sharing your story! Who would have thought 15 tons of Native American artifacts would be nestled in Radford’s cornfields?


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