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Fredericksburg Sit-Ins

FAM Mar 21
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In the summer of 1960, local high school students undertook the most visible organized display of racial defiance Fredericksburg, VA had ever seen.

African-American high school students trained in non-violence staged sit-ins at downtown lunch counters. The students rotated through three downtown stores: Woolworth, W.T. Grant, and People’s Drug. They and their parents organized boycotts of these stores and picketing on Fredericksburg’s sidewalks. Within thirty days, both W.T. Grant and Woolworths opened their counters to all races. Others would soon follow.

Photo courtesy of The Free Lance Star.

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  1. AE Curator March 27, 2019

    Thank you for sharing your story! Your contribution provides us with a better understanding of the student civil rights movement.


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