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What is the 2019 Commemoration, American Evolution?

American Evolution commemorates the 400th anniversary of historical events that occured in Virginia in 1619, which continue to influence us today.

What is American Evolution Stories?

American Evolution Stories is a story discovery and sharing platform designed to inspire local, national and international engagement to build awareness of Virginia’s unique role in the creation of the United States. The goal of this community is to collect and preserve stories, foster conversations among our citizens, and in doing so, reveal the full story of Virginia to America.

How are the stories on aestories.com collected?

The platform is populated with stories collected from multiple sources, including 400 stories written in collaboration with the Library of Virginia and the Virginia Foundation for Humanities for the Virginia History Trails, a collection of historic destinations that reflect the stories of the first 400 years of Virginia’s dynamic history. A special collection of stories curated by American Evolution and the 2019 Commemoration can be found on site under Curated Collections. Additionally, stories are contributed directly by 2019 Commemoration partners and institutions, and by individuals like you.

Why should I share my story?

By sharing your story, you’re able to join a global conversation and offer your unique perspective on important aspects of our history and the evolution of Virginia to America. By contributing and connecting with other storytellers, you help ensure the 2019 Commemoration remains authentic and inclusive, and you help to inform a better understanding by all of our shared history.

What kinds of stories are you looking for (should I submit)?

We’re looking for stories that tell about impactful experiences related to the 2019 Commemoration themes of democracy, diversity and opportunity. Additionally, we want to create a connection between the past and present through storytelling. Think about the seminal events that occurred in 1619 Virginia that continue to influence America today. What about those events stands out to you? Tell us a story about how one of them relates to you.

Where should I start?

Start by exploring the wealth of stories already living on the site. Find a story that resonates with you personally and reflect on how that story inspires you or reminds you of your own experience. Then Register (or Sign In if you’ve already registered), write or record your story, and Share Your Story. Once you’ve shared your story with American Evolution, share it with your own network by clicking one of the social sharing icons at the bottom of your story (or any others) to share it with your family, friends and colleagues.

Once I submit a story or video, how long does it take to appear on the site?

Stories typically take an hour or two appear on the site. Stories submitted overnight may take a bit longer.

Why is there a delay between when I submit my story and when it appears on the site?

All text, audio and video stories are moderated by the 2019 Commemoration. Once submitted, your story will be reviewed for approval. You’ll receive an email notification once your story has been approved and published.

If I choose to register and create a personal profile, where does my personal info go?

We use personal information collected on our site for a variety of business purposes described in the Privacy Policy on aestories.com. We process your personal information for these purposes in reliance on our legitimate business interests, in order to enter into or perform a contract with you, with your consent, and/or for compliance with our legal obligations.

Who can share their story?

American Evolution Stories is an open publishing platform and we welcome anyone to create an account and share their stories with our community.

Do I have to register in order to share my story?

Yes. To share your story you’ll need to register. Just click Get Started. You do not need to register to explore, share or comment on stories.

Do I have to use my real name to submit a story?

You have the option, when creating your profile, to choose a display name. This does not have to be your real name.

Will my story definitely appear on the site?

All story submissions are moderated and subject to approval. Stories which adhere to the terms and policies as outlined under Terms of Use on the website will be published.

What are you going to do with my story?

Your story will become a part of the American Evolution, 2019 Commemoration. This Legacy Project will inspire local, national and international engagement and help to bring to life the full story of Virginia to America. Once submitted, your story may be shared by American Evolution for promotional/marketing purposes, and by other users to social media and other networks.

What if I share my story and then change my mind and want to remove it?

You may remove your story from the site at any time, but we cannot guarantee complete removal of your story once it’s been shared from aestories.com to other websites, social media outlets or other networks.

What if two stories have conflicting information?

American Evolution Stories is intended to be a collection of interpretations that create a shared narrative. All submissions are moderated and content may be removed or edited at the discretion of American Evolution. Stories including offensive content are prohibited from the site.