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Cape Charles: warm water and warmer people

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A few weeks ago, my family and I had the opportunity to visit Cape Charles. This was a much-needed vacation – our first in several years. As we drove across the Bay Bridge-Tunnel, you could see the excitement and the relaxation in everyone’s faces in the car. This was one of those times where the trip itself really was a positive part of the overall experience.

We spent nearly a week, relaxing, shopping, eating, visiting historic downtown and just reconnecting as a family. One of the reasons this vacation was so wonderful is because of the reception we experienced. Ours is a mixed-race family, so to be honest, sometimes I feel a bit on edge when we go places – especially ones where we’re not sure of what the “vibe” will be. In Cape Charles, I found everyone to be so warm and friendly. While there was quite the mix of vacationers, second-homers, golfers, fishermen, farmers and everyone in between, one thing was constant: everyone we met was as nice as they could be. We felt the warmth of the sun, of the land and of total strangers. It refreshed us and showed us how much Virginia has to offer. It reminded me that although we are all unique and different and we still have a lot to work through, there’s almost always something that we can all find in common. And it also showed me that one doesn’t have to go far to experience a totally different part of Virginia, one that isn’t so different after all.

Editor’s note: Planning a visit to Cape Charles? Make sure to stop by the Cape Charles Museum & Welcome Center.



  1. Otis Jones September 6, 2018

    I had the pleasure of visiting Cape Charles on October 20, 2017 for the first time. We traveled there from Irvington, VA aboard my friends vessel. We toured the area during the day by foot and car. What a beautiful slice of paradise. The people were welcoming. I remember a sign in one of the stores we visited that read, “Life On The Half Shell” Eastern Shore of Virginia.


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