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Boswell’s Tavern

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Giants of the American Revolution met here at John Boswell’s tavern. Figures such as Thomas Jefferson, Patrick Henry, and James Madison gathered here to discuss ideas and strategies for achieving independence from the British crown. The old tavern played a key role in June of 1781. In the early morning hours of June 4th, terror reigned across the countryside as news spread that the much feared, green uniformed, dragoons of Lt. Colonel Bannister Tarleton were racing west through Louisa County in pursuit of Virginia Governor Thomas Jefferson. Jefferson and his cabinet had fled to Monticello for safety.

At Boswell’s Tavern, Tarleton captured and burned twelve wagons of supplies resting on their journey to support Continental troops. Thanks to Jack Jouett’s warning, Jefferson fled just before Tarleton arrived at Monticello.  The Tavern is part of Green Springs Historic Landmark District in Louisa County.

Editor’s note: Want to see where our forefathers of the American Revolution met? Visit Boswell’s Tavern today.


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