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About American Evolution Stories

To help you explore and discover, American Evolution Stories is organized by Commemoration Themes, Topics and Curated Collections.

Commemoration Themes

The Commemoration Themes brings together the stories that reflect the three key themes of the 2019 Commemoration: democracy, diversity and opportunity.

Democracy – this theme comes from our beginnings: 1619 Jamestown is the site of the seeds of representative government and legislative assembly.

Diversity – Not everyone has always experienced democracy in the same way. This theme reflects the many untold, diverse stories that represent and portray who we are as Virginia, and that we want to be inclusive and intentional about sharing them.

Opportunity – The more we understand the origin, experience and impact of Jamestown 1619, we realized just how much diversity has contributed over the past 400 years to making Virginia, and America, what it is.


There are countless stories that make up this commemoration. More than 400 of these stories live within the 20 narratives of the Virginia History Trails. Each embodies an important part of Virginia and American History.

The stories in these topics help reveal our full history – what happened, why it happened, who the major players were, and why each story is important to American history. A special thank you to our Virginia History Trails​ program partners, The Library of Virginia and Virginia Humanities.

How do you discover the stories that interest you?

The 20 topics in the navigation header on the home page represent each of the Virginia History Trails narratives:

For our statewide partners, sites and organizations, sharing stories to these topics plays a vital role in preserving the authentic histories of your communities. Story sharing also helps promote visitation to your destination and helps enrich your visitors’ experiences.

Curated Collections

Lastly, seven specially curated collections have been organized by the American Evolution Stories team to reflect a complete, authentic and inclusive story of Virginia’s history and our leadership role in the United States.

Living History features stories of and by today’s prominent citizens playing an active role in the continued evolution of our nation.

Virginia to America features historical stories that explain the origins of America in Virginia.

Untold Stories brings to life the surprising and extraordinary stories of everyday citizens and their experiences as they relate to the 2019 Commemoration key themes.

We Are Overcomers features historical and current stories that reflect the struggles and triumphs of African Americans.

We Are Achievers includes untold and undertold accounts of women achievement.

We Are Emerging focuses on the stories of emerging leaders who are taking the reins and driving the future of American democracy, diversity and opportunity.

We Are Engaged features stories of past and present civically engaged individuals who have contributed to the evolution of our representative democracy.

Your story matters and American Evolution Stories provides the ideal platform for you to share yours.

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